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Our Products

We only sell sci-fi, movies and game related props (non functional "plastic toys")

We do not sell real weapon replicas. 

Processing time

4 to 8 weeks

All the props are made to order, they can take about four to eight  weeks to be made, we take that time to assure that all our products are delivered with the same amount of detail in each individual product that are made in our studio. In cases of high volume of orders shipments can be delayed.  In case of lost packages or damaged products due to handling, we will provide replacements.

Who We Are

Hand made props.

Black Forge Cosplay, based on Portugal ,for the last 8 years we have produced and build game related content replicas/props at 1:1 scale,   from your favorite games and tv shows. You name it, we make it.


Our studio its closed at weekends, all messages will be answered on Mondays.